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A lot of people are intrigued about stage 4 kidney disease life expectancy. After all, as the second most advanced form of this disease, it cannot be avoided that a certain amount of fear is associated with its presence. But really, if you do everything it takes to reverse the adverse effects of advanced kidney disease, you can dramatically increase your life expectancy. What are the things you’ll need to know about stage 4 kidney disease, how it affects your life expectancy, and how you can potentially extend your life if you’re affected by it.


What Is Stage 4 Kidney Disease?

Technically speaking, this is the 4th level of progression for kidney disease. As the second most advanced form of kidney disease, it closely borders with potentially imminent kidney failure. The primary gauge of assigning CKD stages is the glomerular filtration rate or GFR. For stage 4 patients, the GFR is measured at 15 to 30 ml/minute. If that’s your average filtration rate for the past 3 months, then you are definitely positive for stage 4 kidney disease.


The Symptoms And How It Affects Stage 4 Kidney Disease Life Expectancy

There are different symptoms associated with this type of kidney disease. One of the most prominent ones is called uremia. This term is almost always used interchangeably with uricemia, as it denotes the accumulation of urea and other waste products that are otherwise excreted from the urine. That said, the increased amounts of these waste substances can affect the person’s other organs such as the heart, and can drastically affect one’s life expectancy. In fact, sometimes the complications can even kill you quicker than the kidney problem itself. Kidney pain is also more pronounced, and it may denote something beyond the decline of kidney efficiency. It can reflect other renal problems such as infections and/or polycystic kidney disease. When left unchecked, it can get you into deep trouble.


Stage 4 Kidney Disease Life Expectancy In Relation To Treatments

Just like with the symptoms, how one goes about with the treatment process can have a huge say if the patient will live long or not. For this level of illness, there are different forms of treatment available. There is the use of specific medications combined with specialized diets that emphasizes and reduces specific nutrients. This is known to be very effective in increasing the life expectancy of patients, but it’s not all that effective if the kidney damage is found to be extensive. If there’s severe damage to the kidneys, dialysis is the solution to the problem, though the process is complicated and expensive. The last resort for treatment that doubles as the best long-term solution for chronic kidney disease is kidney replacement. If surgical complications are avoided, it can greatly increase the lifespan of patients.


Stage 4 CKD Need Not Be A Death Sentence

Stage 4 Kidney DiseaseDealing with chronic kidney disease is surely a complicated task. But with the right course of treatment, one can survive it. It’s relieving to know that there are different ways to increase stage 4 kidney disease life expectancy.